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Enemy Flashlights can't be seen even from a small distance
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Flashlights visibility is capped at 100 meters. This is a huge problems as anyone could turn on their flashlights and move around without being detected in the darkness. {F19854}


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Just in case if you want to see how this ruins the immersion and gameplay, check my attached mission. Every Opfors are using flashlights but you couldnt see them from a distance. Huge game breaking as you couldn't see the enemy position from the ridge.

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When I make a mission at night.. and set up the enemies to use flashlights.. i can see their lights from very far away.. they switch them on when they detect something. Maybe it's a graphic setting or something.. i have the settings on either full or close.

I used a code to make every opfor to turn on the flashlight no matter what. Theres a problem with some AI as well. Some of them wont turn on their flashlights either even my code in player init field forces everyone on "east" to turn on their flashlights. You could try to use a splendid camera to check the flashlights distance as well. Some are capable more than 100 meters with rangefinder.

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Duplicate of #1628.