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There is need of long distance binoculars for recon/sniper units.
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To make full use of recon and sniper units there should be possible to add a long distance binocular in the inventory.

The use of survelliance and gathering information about the enemy during military operations is essential to obtain success in the real world.


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Add long distance optics to the game.
Could be added to the inventory if needed.

It should be more like an equipment to add in the inventory(taking alot of space so you would need a backpack) and deploy rather than switching the basic binoculars with this equipment.
If it`s switched it would be bad for gameplay.

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Have you tried the rangefingers? They're a lot more powerful than the binoculars.

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If I choose sniper in the editor and hit B I get something that you can zoom in with tremendously. It must be the rangefinder as mentioned by sneakson, because they are not binoculars. Use the numpad - and + for zooming. I don't think we ever had these before or I missed them, they are great!

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Already implemented.