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Configuration parameter "difficultyMP" to set the default difficulty is not applicable for Dedicated servers
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There are several parameters in [profile_name].Arma3AlphaProfile configuration file which is setting the default difficulty mode for the game. They are:

But if you will try to set the default difficulty for the Dedicated server using these parameters it would not work. When you logged as admin at the server, get the list of missions, choose the one you want to start and run it, it will be started using Regular difficulty only! There is no way to change it. This is very important on a public servers where users are able to vote for admin. It's easy to forget about setting the correct difficulty. Most of people even don't know where it is located.

Making this parameter working for Dedicated servers would be very useful for the most admins.


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Dedicated Server
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open you Dedicated server's [profile_name].Arma3AlphaProfile configuration file.
  1. modify or add these parameters: difficulty="mercenary"; difficultyMP="mercenary";
  1. Join the Dedicated server.
  1. Login as admin.
  1. Wtite "#missions" in chat.
  1. Pick a mission and start it (do not choose the difficulty setting manually).
  1. Check your difficulty setting in game. It will be all time Regular.

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Also adding something like
difficultyList[]={"Veteran", "Elite"};
would be great to disable selecting unwanted difficulty levels on the server.


Totally agree!

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Developers, where are you?

The same basically goes if you start a mission via BattlEye. Its always regular! :-(