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Using W+S or S+W to toggle movement speed should not momentarily stop you!
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Hi, this is a minor issue that however is very apparent for anyone using combinations of their movement keys to adjust their walking speed.

I have W bound to moving forward and S bound to moving backward. If both are pressed at the same time they cancel each other out and I stop moving which is the way it should be -- however unless in this situation: I have W+S bound to toggling combat pace and S+W bound to toggling walking.

When I move forward (by holding W) and want to switch between running and combat pace I continue holding W and press down on S. The movement speed will toggle but because I'm now holding both W+S my character stops for a short moment until I let go of S again and even if I just tap S quickly it does cause my character to stop briefly.

And the issue here is just that: the awkward, short pause your character makes in this situation that could easily be programmed away.

Make forward and backward movement not cancel each other out!
Now instead if both the forward and backward button are pressed at the same time only register the first button pressed and ignore the other. So if you’re running forward and accidentally press backward or like me have forward + backward bound to toggling movement speed it will do absolutely nothing and your character will keep running or toggle movement speed respectively without making any unwanted pauses.
If a player wants to stop they will just let go of all buttons so it makes no sense that W+S or S+W by default makes your character stop, really.


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Steps To Reproduce

W to forward movement.
S to backward movement.
W+S to toggle combat pace.
S+W to toggle walking.

Now enter the editor with any character. Run forward (or backward) by holding W (or S) and try to toggle combat pace or walking by still holding W (or S) and then pressing the opposite movement button S (or W).
Your character will now stop, then continue moving at the new movement speed.
The awkward, short pause your character makes is the issue.

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