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Using of "Commanding mode" in illegal way known as Spacebar scanning
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During a multiplayer game which is started on Recruit or Regular difficulty mode, every player have the opportunity to use "Commanding mode" to find out the range to any target or point at the area and check if this target friendly or not. The most terrifying method is when someone is searching for the enemy by holding Tilde ("Commanding mode") button and moving a mouse over the whole screen. And this method works perfectly since ArmA 2 and known as "Spacebar scanning"!

There is no any option for this feature in game difficulties configuration. There's no way to configure it for servers through configuration file. The only way to prevent people from using this ability is to run mission maps in Veteran or Expert mode because this modes have built-in parameter which makes "Commanding mode" disabled for them.

But a lot easier to use well-configured Regular mode and to have the opportunity to turn off "Commanding mode" manualy using a parameter in [profile_name].Arma3AlphaProfile configuration file. But there's no any parameter like "commanding_mode=0;" at this moment in ArmA 3.

Admins really need this parameter to be added for every difficulty mode in ArmA 3.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Run multiplayer
  1. Join a server on Recruit or Regular difficulty mode.
  1. While you in game, press Tilde ("Commanding mode") and hold it.
  1. Start moving your mouse over houses, bushes or every places where you expecting to find the enemy.
  1. Once you found the place with the enemy, stop your crosshair on him and you will see his exact position, you will see that your crosshair became red telling you that he is enemy for sure, you will see the range to him. 5.1 If you are a sniper and you want to check the range to your target, just move your crosshair on him, press Tilde and you will see the correct range to your enemy. Use this information to correct your rifle's distance setting.
  1. Shoot him and probably he will call you a cheater. But we know that you are not. You are just a bug-user.

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The setting you are looking for that prevents enemy recognition is:

"Allow full HUD info" - Disabled

I was tempted to report the distance check without rangefinder, but reconsidered as it would be beneficial for inexperienced players to judge distances. I haven't found a difficulty setting for it, and agree that there should be one.

It's another example, that each HUD element should be configured ON/OFF separately.

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