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Take weapon action area is too large
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When a corpse is approached, there are commonly three action options that appear.

  1. Take weapon - Hand icon, indicating that the linked weapon can be taken.
  2. Reload - Rifle with arrows icon, when the corpse is carrying compatible ammunition
  3. Inventory - Rifle icon - open the corpse inventory.

The take weapon action area is much larger than the other two and overlaps. It also tends to override as the default action, and the icon does not always indicate this. This can lead to frustration when trying to rearm or take other items from the corpse. The distance from the weapon is also implausibly large to be able to realistically take.

The two screenshots show the where the icon appears at their farthest points. Estimated around 500mm for reload/inventory and about 3m for take weapon. {F19842} {F19843}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Approach a corpse and note which icon appears first
  2. The default action is not always the one indicated.
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Related to #0006862
related issue #0006031

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A frequent problem i encounter aswell, pointing right at a corpse - scrolling for inventory and only getting inventory opened with a choice to get the enemies gun without the soldiers personal inventory. I have to circle around the corpse to find the sweet spot where i can access his stuff. Could be a related issue.

That's a good point, and I didn't quite make that clear when I said it often overrides as the default option. It also seems the icon does not necessarily indicate the action either. Updated description to make this clearer.

To add to that, same goes for opening and closing doors. You can close/open a door, and have another set of doors right infront of you with the icon showing the possible interaction, and while activating what you think is the second set of doors right infront, the game infact operates the doors behind you.

There seems to be a great lack of precision with these interactions. I think the same issue plagued arma2.

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Everything that is written here is true, also about the doors.
need to be fixed

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