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Add configurable few-commands-in-one at a single button press or order given
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This would be mostly useful for defining a set of orders, to be given to player's AI squad, in reaction to enemy contact.

I have found, that in such situations I need to quickly issue three to five commands, changing AI teammates' behaviour, ROE, formation, stance and sometimes additinoal items. Sometimes I run out of fingers on a keyboard and loose precious time, with unpleasant consequences. Also, most of the time these are the same sets of commands, in reaction to certain common situations encountered.

What I would like to have, is an option inside controls configuration, to set a single key or button to execute a list of commands in a successions, just with a single keypress. For example, set [Del] to execute "stealth contact drill", which would be my "Custom command 1" and set [End] to execute "fire them up contact drill", which would be my "Custom command 2".

While ingame, pressing once [Del], would change:

  • ROE to hold fire;
  • stance to prone;
  • combat mode to stealth;
  • all squad to hold position;
  • flashlights/lasers off.

Commands list, like the one above, should be configurable by a player, to suit his needs and individual procedures.

There are other uses for such lists:

  • insertion/extraction situations;
  • different squad setups for patrolling different terrain types;
  • a quick method to return the squad to patrol formation and behaviour, after the enemy contact has been resolved.


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The example above mentions only two preset commands lists, but it would be the best, if there was no upper limit on how much such commands can be created.

Also it would be a nice addition, if such custom lists would appear in the main ingame menu under tilde key. Hitting the tilde and scrolling with the mouse to the desired custom command, still would be much faster, than issuing all of the orders manually one after one and would save the keys/buttons for other uses.

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