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Opfor AI still use 6.5mm for TRG
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When you try resupplying from an Opfor player, they have a TRG 20/21 but carry 6.5mm magazines.


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Kill an Opfor unit in game.

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Given that there are no regular Opfor units that use TRG's, this is probably an issue with a custom mission that's not been updated?

magirot's got a good point; MattyB could you please report how to reproduce this beyond "kill an Opfor unit in game", especially since at last check they're supposed to be wielding Katibas?

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Yup, we need a repro.

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My fault, I wrongly assumed they were Opfor, this happens with AI that use the TRG

But in what situation? A user-made mission? If you're playing a user-made mission and the AI are carrying TRGs with the old ammo, that's something that needs to be fixed by the mission maker.

Seems to be a 3rd party mission issue, since there is no clear repro. Closing for now.

If you can reproduce this issue in game without requiring a third party mission, please request that this ticket be re-opened.