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Left handed shooters
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Most if not all weapon systems in the future will be built with ambidextrous design in mind. Im sure i am not the only one in the arma community that shoots real rifles left handed and if arma supported this both left and right handed shooters it would be vary much appreciated. Not to mention the only game in the industry that would support people who shoot left handed in the real world.

It may be worth your while to look into it before arma 3 release.


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The TAR-21 rifle is actually designed for ambidextrous, so you have a point.

But I don't see the point of the devs actually doing this.
You are not really affected by it ingame do you?
I mean you still use your mouse with your left hand right? it is mere aesthetics.

True, nothing is wrong with aesthetics,
but I rather they use their time for more important aesthetics than this.

Unless I am missing something here gameplay wise?
OK true would be nice to switch to left hand sometimes in CQB
But still too much work.

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It has been stated be Vespa (iirc) that left handed soldiers will not be done because the way the animations system works would require all animations to be redone. And that would be too expensive. #2548

It isn't just asthetics. Have you played ArmA 2? I have had so many situations where I lean to the left and die. Why? My character is right-handed, and therefore exposes half of his body when leaning left. Little thing, big impact

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Duplicate of #2548.

I'm afraid it's already officially confirmed that it's not going to happen.