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Inappropriate usage of "Covering fire" radio message while AI isn't in contact
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When ordered to "take cover" (1-8) after the combat is finished, AI sometimes yells "Covering Fire" (even after previously saying "All clear"). Observed only after the combat.


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AI Control / Commanding
Steps To Reproduce

Set your squad and a squad of enemies in the editor, take control of yours. Engage and eliminate enemy squad. Order ~, 1, 8 ("take cover"). To reproduce order to fall back into formation ~,1,1, then again ~,1,8.

Additional Information

Observed only after the combat.

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Bohemia added a subscriber: Squelch.Jun 8 2013, 4:41 PM

Shouldn't they retain their alertness even after all apparent enemies are destroyed in case there are more in the area?

Maybe, but sertainly not after saying "All clear", which I have actually heard.

All clear does not mean alertness drops. It simply means no more discovered enemies. The AI will remain alert for a time after contact has finished, and these reports also confirm that squad members are still combat effective and they remain alert for new threats.

Well I understand that, but I'm confused with the word "Fire" when there's no need to fire at all. Especially taking into account that there's another idiom that they randomly say "Go, I'll cover" which is much more suitable in this case. I think they should say "Covering fire" when they actually see the enemies (or at least think there are still some enemies alive) and want to fire but when "All is clear" they shouldn't. They can just say "Go, I'll cover".

I understand your meaning now, and perhaps you could amend the description/title to reflect the inappropriate use of "covering fire" while not in contact?

Thanks for suggestion!

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