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Suggestions for Improving Long-Distance Infantry Concealment
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Players and enemies at long ranges are unrealistically visible because of graphics(resulting in easy kills at a huge distance). At medium to long distances, depending on graphics settings, objects draw less frequently--grass, trees, and terrain is much more solid. Enemies (and yourself) sticks out like a sore thumb because the terrain and objects are not being rendered. This is especially noticeable for me because I have a low-grade machine and my graphics are turned low. There is no way for soldiers to effectively conceal themselves in this situation (whether by hiding in shadows, behind bushes, crawling in grass, etc..) , which takes a lot of the tension and realism out of the game.

I came up with three ideas to deal with this problem, maybe if enough people supported it, Bohemia would take a look into these ideas:

  1. Create a more detailed low-res distance terrain texture that would let troops be "camouflaged" by the environment at long-distances to simulate the kind of terrain they are moving through.
  1. Use more advanced terrain shaders at a distance to simulate the shadows of trees and objects on the ground and on people, which soldiers might utilize to remain unseen.
  1. Create a low-res static grass that can at least partially mimic grass that conceals players when they are prone, at long distance.
  1. Make a system that determines by algorithm how visible an enemy is from the player's position. At long distances only on low-graphics settings, the enemy will become partially opaque depending on their level of concealment (though never FULLY invisible). That would make scanning the terrain for hidden enemy troops equal in difficulty to those with high graphics settings. For example: if an enemy is in standing in plain sight in the sunlight, he will be fully visible at any distance. If he is laying prone in the grass, he will be slightly opaque at the distance where grass is no longer drawn. If he is prone and in a shadow or behind a bush, he will be more opaque. (Firing a weapon may reduce opacity to simulate visibility from muzzle flash)
  1. As an alternative to the above, enemy players may be partially invisible based on a direct line-of-sight calculation from the player. For instance, if an enemy is hiding behind in some grass that does not render for a player, the computer will still take the grass into account and only draw the parts of the enemy that show up.
  1. Some combination of the above.


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