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Heat blur over asphalt/concrete/metal etc. surfaces
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An additional kind of post-processing which roughly depends on the weather, time of day, season and geographic location (AFAIK each island in ArmA series has its world coordinates). If certain conditions present the weather is considered hot and dry enough to produce hot air over certain kinds of surfaces (i.e. materials configured for objects in the game). The effect should be observed when looking from certain angle.


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This is not only a visual feature. Sucha heat-blurred areas are called mirages and they slightly drift along with the wind. Skilled marksman/sniper can use them to determine wind strength and direction.

Quite a valuable note, armapirx! I can also add that this phenomena augments realism in the way that it makes more difficult for you to aim when you are lying and some heated surface is between you and your target.
P.S. Although this is a nice feature and it's been upvoted, I suggest everyone to check out some bugs also reported by me that are already present and may be more significant to gameplay:

Good idea! Upvoted!

Heat effects are already simulated with rotary-wing exhaust, so it is possible.

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