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[RESOLVED] Switching between binocular/rangefinder and primary weapon optics is instant.
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If optics view is first selected for any primary weapon equipped with optics, and then binoculars or rangefinder are used then stowed, the camera switches instantly to the weapons optics.

This has the effect of looking down through the optics while the weapon is slung, and while the weapon brought back up to the ready position.

Iron sights, pistols, and CQB sights are not affected by this behaviour.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Use any unit equipped with optics and some form of binocular.
  2. Look through the optics on the primary weapon.
  3. Switch to binoculars. - note camera aim remains the same during and after animation.
  4. Switch back to weapon. - note camera instantly switches to optics and follows animation through raising of weapon.

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Still present in beta (0.71.106762).

This issue appears to be resolved now. Title updated for moderator attention.

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