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Helicopters will deal burn damage to the player in water.
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Crashing a helicopter into the ocean and having the pilot survive means that when the exit, they take burn damage despite the fact they are in the water and the helicopter is not actually on fire.


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Health System
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Fly a Ka-60 (Only tested with this)
  2. "Land" it on the water so that the player is kicked out automatically.
  3. Make sure the heli has taken enough damage to be classed as "destroyed" i.e main rotor wrecked.
  4. Swim close to the intact helicopter and receive burn damage.

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Still, if that was the reason, you'd sort of expect more pyrotechnics. As it is, the heli stays 100% in tact.

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This is the same "invisible fire" issue as #3875. (Water or land makes no difference.)