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Peripherics, joystick and vehicle controls imputs
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Controller support have issue and leak of functions in Arma 3

First :
We don't have any possibility to choose if we want the axis to be a cursor, joystick or anything else, for example :
I have trying to use my aircraft rudder for control cars speed, it is impossible cause the brake axis is handle like a 2 part joystick, it mean that i'm forced to put the axis on the middle before it is read cause it it see like axis + and axis - wish is totally false.

Also we don't have any curve/deadzone and saturation indication, when we setting it we are forced to back on the game to try it and do it again and again.

Another issue :
I have a Logitech G13 and in Arma 2 i can controlling the character speed by using it, it really make the character having a controllable speed, able to walk really slowly and make a really low noise and progressively increase speed to the maximum, in Arma 3 we have lost this, we still able to control player with a joystick but it only give 4 moving speed : walk, slow running, running and sprinting, we don't have any transition, the speed immediately switch like if we use key.
It is really bad for try to walk in front and on side at same time we have absolutely no control over the speed.

And a last issue with axis :
Cars Left/Right and Cars more left/right :
When using Cars Left/Right it work perfectly with a joystick but it don't use the maximum wheels steering angle, we need to use cars more left/right wish is really bad cause the steering speed of the wheel is not at all controlled by the joystick, it turn really slow (ridiculously too slow) and back really slowly in center position by itself and limit the maximum angle of the other side until it is reset.
Try it yourself, map joystick to cars more left/right and steers wheels.


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