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Toggle Raise Weapon transition roughness
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The Toggle Raise Weapon transitions are not smooth and clunky.
Transitions are inconsistent, forcing the player to stop when he is moving or force him in a direction when no key is pressed.

Example: When the player is running forward and Toggle Raise Weapon is pressed, the player will stop for a brief second then continue to run. If toggled again to raise the weapon back up the player will be forced forward for about 2 seconds even if you don't press any keys. This goes for most other stances and movement speeds.

I also noticed that the Toggle Raise Weapon while standing still is slower than while moving. The standing still speed should to be on par with the moving speed.


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Steps To Reproduce

-Start Editor
-Spawn soldier
-Hold Move Forward
-Toggle Raise Weapon while moving forward
-Notice how player stops moving
-Toggle again while moving, right after you toggle release move forward
-Notice how player continue to moves for 2 seconds then stops.
-Sad Face...

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