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M134 barrel spin up time is too fast
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From my understanding, miniguns have a slight time delay from when the trigger button is pushed to when rounds leave the barrel.

At the moment, firing is instantaneous the very moment the button if pushed.


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Steps To Reproduce

1.) Man an M134 minigun.
2.) Fire.
3.) Note the lack of barrel-spin delay.

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For a M134 to spin up to its originally designed 6000 shots per minute, it takes 0.25s. Slowdown after shooting takes 0.4s. For a comparison, blink of an eye takes on average 0.3s. So it is almost instantaneous action after trigger press, even more if we consider current limited settings of 2000 and 4000 shots per minute.

0.25s is actually very noticeable. It's the time it takes for an item to fall from 60 cm height. For reflexes (and both good gamers and soldiers have them) it's actually quite a delay :-)

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