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Vehicle “turbo” mode is applied starting at the beginning of the reverse axis rather than the end of the forward axis.
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I seem to have come across a problem that seems to appear on analogue axis used as analogue throttle/brake, in that the vehicle “turbo” mode is applied at the very start of the reverse portion of the axis rather than the more logical end extents of the forward portion of the axis.

The net result is that ANY position say between >-1% <-0.01% that traditionally would apply the brake very very slightly and would allow switching to the keyboard with little or no negative effects now results in perpetual “turbo” mode causing oscillating maximum forward or reverse speed without keyboard or axis input, so that any attempt to use the keyboard to “stop” just results in an automatic change of direction and acceleration to maximum speed in that direction.

I would make a video if there was a way to display “keyboard” & “axis” inputs on screen!

I also get the feeling that someone has made an error in maths in that a physical axis has is a very slightly larger range than the number range your trying to apply to them/it, the net result the “0” point of the game axis keeps oscillating either side of the “0” point of the physical axis, or in essence as an e.g. the physical axis (actual joystick axis) range is -100% to +100% but your applying an in-game range of e.g. -99% to +99% which results in your in-game axis “0” point oscillating between -1% and +1% of the physical axis as the physical axis move through its respective +-100% ranges.


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Configure an axis to perform both throttle and break function for vehicles.
Enter editor.
Place man (player) and an empty vehicle at the end of the runway.
Press preview.
Get in vehicle.
Use both axis and keyboard for a short time.
Centre the axis just back but very close to the “0” point (~1% or 2% in the axis display range within the controls section), the vehicle will then accelerate more than expected if at the right point backwards, if this happens try to stop/correct it with keyboard inputs which will result in a change of direction even though the axis hasn’t moved and you are no longer toughing the keyboard.

Normal speed of the hunter is 100kph, turbo speed is 116kph (137kph for the ifrit) which can be achieved with the axis just rearward of the “0” point and an initial keyboard input to change direction.

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