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Lighting Angle Vehicle
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MAJ : always the problem, 0.60113.

->>> At the moment with the update of 09/05/2013 -> 0.57.105007, only the normal Hunter has potentially the full lighting who run without problems.
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The Hunter HMG and GMG have left light problem. All vehicules (do not include the normal Hunter) have problems with lighting with an angle of 45°. The left light or right go died when you where in an angle of 45° or more / vehicule.

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The light of lamp could cross the inner (middle) window frame.

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When user use high lighting, he has many problems with lighting on some building and in this exemple the camp fire who turn of and on constantly when you where in a vehicule with a range of 20 m.

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At the moment; If you want to kill many problems with lights distance view, use very high settings or ultra : but increase significantly use of GPU.

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DEV's, one question about my post :

No news or improvements in test or scheduled about problem with angle lighting of vehicule and clipping with some lighting appeared sometime and disappeared. ?



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This really fell bad when the car is moving

22 November 2013.

No real news about the problem of angle, number of lights on the maps and more...

It's just basic problem of lights, if we want more, we need in first than all the problems was solved...