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missing option/action to avoid auto reloading empty weapons when adding a new magazine to the magazine slot
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I would like to be able to abort or avoid the auto reloading procedure of my avatar when I emptied my weapon and try to pick up fitting magazines with the right-mouse button action on the desired magazine.

If you leave your (f.e.: secondary) weapons empty (as I do it myself very often) and try to picking up ammo you will face some problems:

  1. The character will automaticly reload the weapon, maybe with an unwanted type of ammo (grenades for example)

That one is time consuming.

  1. While the reloading procedure is running: you are not able to pick up any additional magazines or other items and have to wait till the animation is done

That one is the hurting one.

[3.] If you are prone: you are not able move except of turning around
Thats also not nice, but it not directly an bug/error but game mechanics of the reload procedure while prone.

Only with actions where where the magazine is directly put to the magazine slot of a weapon. So with the right mouse button OR the direct drag to the magazine slot.

No Occurence:
No occurence by dragging the magazine from one to another inventory space/container.

Irrelevant fact:
It does not matter if the container is external or the own inventory.

Easy solution:
Adding magazines with right mouse button action to the inventory and not the the magazine slot.

Related to the more general problem of aborting actions:

Additional bugs:

  1. extremly shortened reloading procedure while prone:
  1. Automaticly standing up after reloading the handgun(triggered by adding a magazine): {F19724} {F19725}


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singleplayer mission added for fast reproduction

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