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duration of reloading is shortened when reloading empty weapon while prone
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The duration of the reload procedure is extremly short when you are adding a magazine to your empty weapon while you are prone.

Occures only at the first execution after you switched to the prone stance.

Only tested with one assault rifle so far. {F19722}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. spawn a soldier with a weapon and magazine
  2. clear your weapon
  3. lay down
  4. reload your weapon by: a: hotkey for reload b: right click on a magazine in the inventory(only works on external containers) c: drag a magazine from the inventory to the magazine slot of your weapon

Update 12. June 2013

With version 0.6* occurence changed:
step 1 - 3: still the same
step 4:
method 'a' wont work anymore
method 'b' and 'c' still work

Additional Information

singleplayer mission for fast reproduction added (ignore the mission name ;) )

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Added: You can also effectively "reload cancel" by doing urban prone sideways (not down), and hitting "reload" right after starting to move back to "normal" prone. After the animation finishes, your empty weapon will be reloaded again, cutting reload time depending on the weapon down to about 1/2 seconds.

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Good find, thanks! :) (will check it and add to the description when iam back home)

I'm calling this fixed. I think the others are on purpose and not feasible for an exploit.

Mass-closing resolved issues not updated in 10 days.