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KA-60 HUD Targetting reticule moves in free look
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The KA-60's HUD is designed to follow the player's view (mirroring those projected onto an HMD [Helmet Mounted Display]). Unfortunately, unlike HMDs in modern aircraft which are capable of adjusting their content to take into account the pilot's perspective, the ArmA 3 one is relatively static.

This has the side effect of making aiming any of the on-board weapons almost impossible when making use of free look (especially noticeable when paired with TrackIR).

I would propose that the weapon's targeting reticule remain in a static position with relation of the aircraft's body regardless of free look perspective. When the free look perspective moves too far from the bore line of the weapons the reticule may disappear from the display.


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Steps To Reproduce
  • Fly KA-60
  • Use free look to adjust view angle (2x Alt + Mouse Move)
  • Attempt to engage targets with the cannon/rockets using HUD reticule
  • Notice that it is almost impossible
Additional Information

This issue has been present since the first Alpha release, and manifests itself most prominently when using TrackIR, where it is extremely difficult to ensure your head always points directly forward.

It is also worth noting that all HUD and HMD systems rely on a either active or passive methods to ensure that the perceived position of the reticule accurately reflects the bore line/CCIP (continuously computed impact point) of the munitions.

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