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Low fps with a lot of ia's
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I have very low fps with a lot of ias, and the game dont use all the gpu/cpu. the performance is not limited by the graphic or processor or hardware, but the quantity of the ias in the game. Very low fps and very low use of cpu /gpu (30%).


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Open the editor, and put a lot of ias, and play.
you can lower the graphic quality of the game at the minimal quality and resolution, to get more initial performance. And you dont win any more performance with this.

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Um. What is a "lot"? 10, 100, 1000, 1000000? What is the framerate impact? 1 fps, 10fps? It stands to reason the more AIs the slower it gets because the computer has to "think" for them so it isn't just graphics.

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This is complaining about the computer needing to do more work when you give it more work.... This should be closed.