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Please add in Speed Sensitive Steering to vehicles
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The steering is twitchy in Arma3 when using a wheel/joystick etc for a reason.Driving a vehicle in real life is easy but you see people swerving everywhere in game and that is simply that its missing speed sensitive steering.Racing sims have used speed sensitive steering for as long as I remember.Its simply the steering lock being full at slow speeds and decreases with speed.So when in a vehicle and parked you can turn the front wheels fully but no matter how much you turn the game controller at high speeds the vehicles front wheels are not allowed to go to full lock.


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I steer with my pedals and find steering very twitchy.Recently I installed my joystick that is very hard to push to its full lock.When I went in game I was suddenly driving the vehicles around trees,boulders etc with amazing accuracy.I had forgot that the joystick is hard to push to its full limit and so I was only using half the joysticks actual movement.The game felt amazing like this until I remembered the joysticks flaw.Then it caused me to remember that racing simulations use a speed sensitive steering system to do just this....slow the sensitivity with speed.

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