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Killing gunner on boat in underwater mission causes glitch. Keeps coming back to life and re-dying.
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Ok, actually I've only tried this once, and perhaps I should try it again to see if it happens all of the time, but while playing the SCUBA showcase, I disarmed the boat and decided I can kill the gunner without much danger. I did and every now and then he'll appear to be back on the gun and it'll even move as if he's alive, but then he'll die again. And this will happen over and over.


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Shoot gunner on boat in SCUBA showcase mission.

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I can confirm this. Also, when the AI comes back to life the boat gets locked aswell and you are unable to enter it. Once the AI dies again you can enter it, but you have to be fast because after a while he will come back to life again and the boat is locked once more

Make sure it's not another AI crewman switching seats to rear MG, in an attempt to shoot you. There are three AIs onboard and only after killing them all, the boat can be entered by the player.

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