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Reload animation of rifle not as it should be
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It appears reloading a weapon from empty of a tactical reload (before using all of the ammo in the current magazine) uses the same reload animation. The weapon appears to have a reciprocating charging handle. When empty, it does appear to have a bolt hold open feature. Yet the reload animation does not acknowledge this. Upon initiating the reload, the charging handle magically appears in the forward or battery position, and then seems to "charge" itself (moves back and returns). The correct animation from empty should be the charging handle and bolt remains open (to the rear), the character removes the old magazine and loads a new magazine, and the bolt is released via the bolt stop/release so it should then snap forward into battery.

A tactical reload before the weapon is empty should be as simple as removing the old magazine and loading a new magazine. The animation of the charging handle going back and forth should not happen while reloading with a round still in the chamber. Also on that note, the round in the chamber is not acknowledged in the ammo counter.


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Fire the weapon without depleting ammo and reload. Or fire the weapon depleting all of the ammo and then reload.

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I know I might receive criticism for this following comment, but if you want to see examples of reload animations done correctly, look at Battlefield 3. The game itself is immensely unrealistic, and I'm not at all suggesting to model the game or the gameplay to that game, but as a firearm expert, I can tell you that the one thing they did not drop the ball on was their weapon animations. I can tell they hired someone VERY familiar with weapons to do the animations because they use some advanced reload methods that even a lot of experienced shooters are unaware of. A few good examples would be loading a shotgun shell directly through the ejection port to chamber the first shell before loading additional shells into the tubular magazine, and using a new magazine to engage the magazine release in the AK47 while knocking out the old magazine all in one motion, then inserting the new magazine. Another good example is using only the support hand to reload all weapons, even weapons with charging handles on the right side, this is done by tilting the weapon to the side and reaching over with the support hand to charge the weapon.

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Well I can agree, but I do not agree with all battlefield weapons :P
AUG had the most fail reload animations, they just press a button instead of using the charging handle like everyone does.

I voted up, however I believe such animations and reloads are a consequence of not having bullet in chamber accounting in Arma 3, as discussed in this ticket:

I agree, it ruins the immersion to the game which for ARMA immersion makes it 10 times better

When it comes to weapon manipulation the instruction videos from Magpul Dynamics are probably one of the best resources you can have.

Here is an example of a tactical reload:

speed reload:

Without making too much advertising here i highly recommend:
"Magpul Dynamics - The Art of the Tactical Carbine"
"Magpul Dynamics - Art of Tactical Carbine Volume 2"
"Magpul Dynamics - Art of the Dynamic Handgun"
"Magpul Dynamics - Art of the Precision Rifle"
"Magpul Dynamics - Art of the Dynamic Shotgun"

There might be alot of other very good training videos out there i am not aware of.


You are probably right, but I wouldn't know because I never use the AUG. Not really a weapon I've ever been interested in.

How long does it usually take for issues to be reviewed? I know there are a lot of things being submitted every day, was just curious, not rushing...

I'm leaving this as reviewed and related to instead of closing it as a dupe of tactical reload feature request due to the fact that some kind tactical reload could be implemented without changes to animations.

Different animations would certainly be a nice touch.

Well, my main gripe is not that the incorrect type of reload is used, but it is actually implemented wrong. The charging handle seems to move on its own during the reload animation and is actually quite distracting...

For example, after you fire the last shot, the charging handle will appear to be locked to the rear. When you initiate the reload sequence, the charging handle will magically appear in the forward position. After the reload, it appears to "charge" itself, meaning it moves back and then back forward, in a kind of slow and fluid way that's just odd...

In real life, if the charging handle is held to the rear after the last round is shot, while reloading, it'll stay to the rear. Once you insert the new magazine, the operator would hit a button or lever on the weapon used to release the bolt. This would have the bolt and charging handle slam forward with the force of the recoil spring behind it. So it should be the reload animation and a *snap* of the bolt going back forward.

Alternatively, if reloading while still with a round in the chamber, the charging handle should be still in the forward position during the reload. After the new magazine is inserted, the reload is done. No charging of the charging handle, no releasing, nothing. Simply a magazine change in that instance would suffice.

Ok I see. Can you be more specific which weapons does this affect? "Weapon" is pretty generic for repro purposes.

I was playing the infantry showcase. I believe the weapon used in that was the MX? As far as I know, it's an imaginary weapon invented for the sake of the game? But the core mechanics of it, it should still abide by other weapons of the same type that currently exist in my opinion.

Any update on this issue and if it'll be looked into?

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Still an issue in 1.46