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Indestructible trees
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I wasn't sure whether to make this a bug report or a feature request but it seems trees in forests are indestructible when explosives are used on them.

The feature request side of this is that it would be great if we could use explosives to clear sites in forests for helos or create abatis obsticals and killing zones.


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Place explosives next to any tree and detonate, the tree will be unaffected.

I used a up to nine charges on one tree to no affect.

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It seems the only way to fell these trees is to crash into them with a large enough vehicle, also AT launchers work on the single trees.

Perhaps a new type of explosive could be created that makes the tree fall in a particular direction.

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good idea that way it would be easier for helis to drop transport even without landing

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There are enough gaps between trees for fast-roping, if it was to be implemented, which could/would be reason enough to implement it.

Clearing a space of mature trees in a forest with explosives enough to land a helicopter safely is not necessarily as easy as it sound in RL or as fast as someone with a chainsaw.

Stumps have got to be low enough not to damage the helicopters underside, the ground has got to be relatively undamaged, it often means you need a space cleared bigger than you think and all the timber and branches need clearing, which is why the M121 & BLU-82 were developed in the late 60’s and is in part why they have the GBU-43/B (MOAB) now, which would be interesting for any C-130 in game!

I mostly agree with b101uk, however I still agree with the idea of using it to create effective kill zones, etc. Also, I would appreciate seeing it in-game for pure immersion reasons; indestructible trees and realistic simulation are not good bedfellows. Also, LZ's can be created quickly (if a unit is properly equipped-such as an engineer unit) with daisy-chained explosives on the trees etc. Either way, it would add more options and I would definitely enjoy seeing it added. I noticed the invincible trees for the first time after watching a particularly large and devastating artillery barrage on a forest with no impact on trees heh.

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True enough b101uk, and i hadn't thought about fast-roping, clearing trees is much more complex than simply blowing them up i know.

Those m121 ect are pretty cool i looked them up when i did a little googling for this thread, apparently they nearly ran out of them in Vietnam because they used so many!

Still though the fact remains that currently trees are completely unaffected by explosives, would be nice just to see the devastation of an artillery strike or something.

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Duplicate of #5316.