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Suppressors (silencers) unrealistically modify the characteristics of the projectiles.
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In the Alpha, suppressors decrease the effective range and damage of projectiles. This does not happen in real life. There are no negative effects on the projectile fired from a weapon mounted with a suppressor. There is usually a very slight (50 fps) increase to velocity and some evidence suggests it makes the projectile slightly more accurate due to stripping excess turbulent gases from the around the projectile as it exits the barrel. Using a suppressor also makes a noticeable reduction to recoil impulse. It is no coincidence suppressors are commonplace in the US military now among units that can afford them, notably amongst the precision and 'sniping' communities, and of course SOF.

The only negative effects to using a suppressor are a) Increased weight, b) Increased fouling, c) Increased cyclic rate due to overpressure*, d) Cost**.

  • Not necessarily a negative, depending on gas system tuning and desired effect.

**Answering the question of 'Well then why doesn't everyone use them?'.

A suppressor works by controlling the expansion of gasses that follow the bullet AFTER it has left the barrel (the rapid expansion of which is what causes the 'bang' from firing). The weapon has already completed it's job of propulsion as soon as the bullet exits the pressure chamber created by the locked bolt face, the barrel, and the rear of the bullet; the bullet then flies unimpeded through the hole in the suppressor while the gasses behind it are slowed by the baffles around the bullet channel. I repeat: there is nothing impeding the bullet. It only takes a little bit of logical thinking.

This is considered common knowledge in the shooting community in the United States; it would be a shame to see a game like ARMA follow the misinformation trend started by games like Call of Duty.


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I encourage the devs to read the FAQs from AAC, Surefire, and Gemtech (the three largest manufacturers of suppressors for MIL, LE, and US Civilian shooting communities) about the effects of suppressors. They could also consult the Wikipedia article. I also suggest viewing Magpul: Art of the Precision Rifle and listen to the discussions on the topic of ballistics and suppressors.

While it is true that a suppressor may be used in tandem with subsonic ammunition which IS lower in velocity (and resultantly 'damage'); the practice is highly uncommon in the military due to that very reason. Suppressors are used with normal ammunition.

It should also be noted that the suppressors depicted in game for 6.5mm are far too long. They are nearly twice the length of any modern 7.62x51mm suppressor.

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I AM SO GLAD SOMEONE HAS MENTIONED THIS! All of this is hard fact (except the bit about common place suppressors in the US military. In the Army its still pretty rare to see them out side of the special forces groups and Rangers.) and can be clearly proven.

I am an soldier, extensive firearms user,trainer, and tactics coach and never in my life have i seen any negative affects from using suppressors give off any negative affects other than that they can fall apart rather quickly under automatic fire. and that can be fixed by getting better quality suppressors. its all logic. And i agree on the length being WAYYY too long on 6.5mm. that's HUGE compared to a standard suppressor even for large caliber weapons.

By common place I meant by the units that can afford them. If they can get them, they do. I will update the text to reflect my intentions. Thank you for upvoting. This is a huge pet peeve of mine.

Here's a picture of some soldiers from the 101st ABN DIV, from 2006. One of the guys has a suppressor on his M4 carbine.

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Duplicate indeed. Thank you for pointing it out.