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Prioritize Order of Heal Command for AI Medics
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It'd be nice if the action menu option for ordering your squad medic to heal wounded was prioritized to serve the human player's squad a little better.

First, if a member of your group is wounded then the "Heal player 6" or whatever command in the context menu should be the first option for commanding your medic. Rather than orders for them to get into a vehicle or picking up a weapon etc.

It'd also be helpful/cool if the command options were ordered further to give priority to your squad -with the human player (if injured) taking top slot of course- over other random wounded soldiers who are in other squads (It's not that I don't care about them or anything... I just care less). That way, it'd make it really easy to deploy your medic to heal your units first before sending them to help other squads.

If you wanted to go further with the concept you could always prioritize according to membership in the player's group AND how badly the person is wounded... But I'd be really happy to just see the wounded within the player's group get the top slots in the action menu.

Obviously just a suggestion and not anything of game-breaking importance, so take it for what it's worth and keep up the great work.


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Yes this is frequently an issue, and the fix for this is very simple. I really hope BI adds it.

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