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AI is way too slow to react in CQB and close ranges (both friendlies and enemies)
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When at close ranges the AI is way to slow at reacting to dangers coming out of a bush or around corners etc. This breaks immersion and makes close combat a very cheap cheat. Note that this is not a diffeculty question but instead an issue that makes the AI look stupid and ruins gameplay at close ranges. (The issue is present at all diffeculty levels, even with SuperAI enabled)

The AI needs to be quicker at shooting back if their target appears right in front of them. They should not take their time to aim but instead spray the target with less accuarcy.

To counter this diffeculty wise the AI should be less good at actually spotting targets at long ranges (their ability to hit targets at long range is fine imo)


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Steps To Reproduce

1: Go to the editor and add a blufor player at once side of a building
2: Add a opfor AI at the other side of the same building
3: Start the mission and shoot a few rounds to let the AI know you are there
4: Run around the building until you are in line of sight of the AI and observe that it takes a very long time before the AI is able to fire back

Additional Information

I want to emphazise that this request is here to help improve gameplay at all diffeculty settings and make CQB more interesting. Its okay if the AI takes a long time to turn around and see the player if the player is behind the AI, but the AI needs to react faster when the player is in front of him at close ranges. The AI also need to panic spray bullets instead of making precice shots at this range to avoid a "aim-bot" type AI

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Duplicate of #3592.