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Iron sight on Sniper Rifles should not be adjustable
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The iron sight on the sniper rifles (M320 LRR .408 and GM6 Lynx) shouldn't be adjustable like the main optic.

In the case how the optics are designed in ArmA 3 (iron sight on top off the main sight), the iron sight can't be adjusted. If you adjust the main optic on the weapon, you don't move the complete optic. It just moves the reticule pattern inside the optic.

Furthermore it should save the distance you choose. If you switch between the sights, the distance you adjusted is getting set back to 500m (default).


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Take one of the two sniper rifles in ArmA 3 and shoot at a wall or something else. You should be able to see the impact on your target. Now use the iron sight at the sniper rifle and adjust the range. You see how the distance you choose affect the iron sight as well.

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The iron sight on sniper rifles is just a backup sight. It should be fixed for a distance like 100-200m.
Some sniper rifles have an adjustable iron sight (like the G22) for 200-600m.

The beloved M82 Barrett got an iron sight for backup as well. And it is also zeroed for 200m. (I`m not really sure about it, it's been a while since I get in touch with this weapon.)

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The Iron sight is fixed on the Scope, when you adjust the zero of Scope,The Scope itself move, as well as the Iron sight

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To quote myself: "If you adjust the main optic on the weapon, you don't move the complete optic. It just moves the reticule pattern inside the optic."

Correct me if I am wrong. But nowadays you don't move the complete optic if you adjust them. That would be far too inaccurate. For example if you let your weapon fall down or something like that, the whole adjustment is gone.

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