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[Request Setting] 1st Person Camera View Only for Hosting Games
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In a PVP environment, players using 3rd-Person view will have a advantage over those who play only in 1st-Person view.

3rd-Person players can stand behind rocks and objects that allow them to see over the top of them, where as if they were in 1st Person view, the objects would obstruct their views. They can also look around corners with this same method, as the 3rd-Person camera has enough of a angle for them to peek around without having to stick any body part out.

I am not requesting we remove 3rd-Person viewing from this game, because I know many players enjoy the 3rd-Person view mode. I am only requesting that server and game hosts have the option to enforce only 1st-Person camera views. They can also enforce only 3rd-Person view, or allow both 1st and 3rd-Person views.

Example of a Menu for Server and Game Hosts:

Players views

  • Both 1st-Person and 3rd Person Views Allowed
  • 1st-Person View Only Allowed
  • 3rd-Person View Only Allowed


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This can already be achieved by using a server profile ( and setting 3rdPersonView = 0.

This will disable 3rd person for everyone on the server.