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Full windowed mode doesn't work.
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When I set the game to "fullscreen window" mode it goes to fullscreen instead.


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Options, video, display mode, fullscreen window.

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I've tried restarting the game, running from the desktop, running from steam, and get the same result. The normal "Window" mode works and "Fullscreen" mode works, but "Fullscreen window" mode seems to not work.

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Works just fine here, unable to reproduce.

What exactly about fullscreen window isn't working for you? What are the differences you expect to see?

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"Fullscreen window" is going to a fullscreen w/o a window around it, it looks identical to "Fullscreen" mode.

Not having a border is the whole point of fullscreen window mode, otherwise you could simply expand normal windowed mode to the whole screen and get the same effect.

Basically FSW looks a lot like normal fullscreen mode, since it covers the whole screen. The main advantage is seen by multi-display users, since the game no longer minimizes when it loses focus (good for editing etc.).

Raco added a comment.May 29 2013, 9:05 PM

Is it supposed to cover the taskbar and everything? If so using the word "window" in "Fullscreen window" mode seems a bit misleading, it makes it sound like it should be a maximized version or something.

It is in fact a window, just without a border. It is also full screen, since it covers the whole screen. Therefore it is a fullscreen window. :)

If you want to see the task bar while in FSW mode, you should be able to press the windows key, or Alt+Tab to a different application. All in all, the FSW mode in Arma3 works as intended, so I'll go ahead and close this.