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Player sounds (footsteps, exshausted breathing etc) too low when in 3rd person
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When in 3rd person it is now very hard to hear the player breathing when he is exshausted and hearing his footsteps etc. I suppose this is realistic given where the camera is located but it makes it considerably less immersive and practical to play in 3rd person, you have to go into 1st person to hear these effetcs as intended.

Even if we play in 3rd person we are still the character/soldier we see in front of us and should be able to hear stuff like breathing and relaoding at full effect. This is important for both gameplay (I need to know when I am exshausted) and immersion (Those are really cool sounds to listen to and and gives a great sense of being on the battlefield!)


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Steps To Reproduce

1: Place any player soldier in the editor
2: Run around until you are exshausted or do other stuff like relaoding your gun
3: Observe that "personal sounds" are very low in 3rd person but easy to hear in 1st person

Additional Information

Sounds affected by this issue (those that I have found so far):

  • Breathing sounds
  • Pain sounds when injured
  • Footsteps and other enviormental sounds like when crawling
  • Reloading sounds
  • Drowning sound and underwater breathing (with tank) sound

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To me, this seems a fair tradeoff for the advantage you gain while being in 3rd p. view. I thought this was a feature, not a bug :)

No, if you dont want the unbalance of 3rd person then you disable it on the server or through difficulty options. There is no reason to make 3rd person less immersive and fun to play just to balance it (and the sound thing dont balance it anyway since a 3rd person camera is totaly overpowered anyway)

Do you really find it an interesting option, balance wise, to make me trade my ability to hear my own breath for the ability to see around corners? That dosent make sense to me. Much better to just make both modes as entertaning to play as possible and then let the servers choose if they want 3rd p in or not

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totally agree with you on that!

I have the same problem. The sounds seem really low in Third person, walking, reloading etc. +1

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