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Drop it: Suggestion for rocket launchers + prone
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I notice that I'm not the only one to have a problem with the rocket launcher weapon swap animation having to play out in its entirety when going prone. To counter this I'd suggest that the launcher itself be rapidly dropped on the ground and the player would have to manually pick it up again. When the player goes completely prone, the primary weapon animation could play so you end up both prone and armed pretty quickly.

That would make it a lot less disadvantageous to play an AT soldier and whilst I've never been a soldier, it'd feel realistic to me to drop the launcher & hit the dirt when under heavy machinegun fire.


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Need shooting prone, and not fall rpg


Do you think it's realistic to use a launcher prone? I'm not sure

see this
Shooting prone - one of the basis exercises for teams RPG at the military department

I've seen it and upvoted, I wanted answers, no prob mate.

@plutoto74 my friend use this style on teaching. But if BIS add hit effect of backblast - it can be a problem (if the implementation is wrong like ACE))

They did it in VBS so I can imagine that with militaries they have real data or feedback on it. After I don't know if they use prone position with launchers with it, or if it's a US technic too?

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