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Precision Mounting and dismounting of MH-9, and other additions
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Request is essentially introducing the commands available in the Shacktac Littlebird enhancement mod as a native feature of vanilla ArmA.

As it stands currently in Alpha when one gets into a MH-9 as a passenger they have no control as to where they end up sitting. Passenger placement has implications as to what sectors of the vehicle are covered by various passenger fields of view.

As such, being able to place passengers with precision would make it possible to accomplish specific aims as far as using the MH-9 for observation purposes as well as opening the door for disembarking players without having to land the MH-9 squarely.


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It would also be great if we had a couple other things;

-The ability to shoot from skids of the MH-9.

-The ability for the pilot/copilot to dump supplies out the door to in support of sustained operations on the ground, perhaps in some sort of crate.

-The same features in any other vehicle that can reasonably allow it.

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Duplicate of #8463.

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