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RCO ARCO sights same style as SOS.
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I like how the SOS scope is viewed. The view on the sides need to stay at normal vision though and not zoom. With that being said the RCO and ARCO sights should be viewed the same.


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Use SOS scope then RCO & ARCO.

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I think the fact that peripheral view is accounted for the newly added SOS scope means that BIS will probably add that to all other scopes. I still; however, think that the peripheral view could be much more polished and detailed than what we currently have for the SOS.

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I don't like the 3D scopes at all
Looks like the stock is in the middle of your chest your staring down the scope with your nose and the scope is 8 to 10 inches away
you can't even use the bullet drop compensator because you can't see it
They need to make it like the SOS like it is in real life

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