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death screen, exit then continue from editor, black and white, no control once dead
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In the editor i was previewing a mission when i crashed my helicopter and was killed. I accidentally hit escape and quit, so from the editor i hit continue. It showed the crashed heli for a second then it went black and all i had was the menu. I hit switch team, but when i started playing as that soldier, the creen was still black and white. I died again, but this time all i got was a screen of my dead player. the grass was still waving, so it wasn't frozen, but I couldn't hit escape to quit. I couldn't hit "U" to bring up team switch. I opened task manager and closed the game, opened it back up and it was fine.


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Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce

Have two playable characters in the editor
Start one, then suicide
hit escape on death screen
hit continue in editor
team switch to other player
try to do quit or restart

Additional Information

The game wasn't frozen, I still could see AI running around and the grass was moving in the wind.

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