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Need more realistic deaths including limbs loss, head shot & explosives (rockets, grenades, C4, claymores) effects
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In addition to the above, charred flesh from explosive wounding/burning. Some simulation of the effects of large explosive and rpg's vs. infantry (or charred skeletons in the Infrits from the same). I just want it realistic. I do not want something that is going to overtax our computers but rather a pre-scripted event based on how the AI or player is hit and by what. This would be incredibly immersive.

Please do not combine my request with others asking for very specific bullet wounding. This basically do we want more realistic trauma or not. It should be able to be turned off in gameplay, probably separate from blood effects for those that want to see their hits, but not a bunch or carnage.


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Added MOD "blood Mist" and it was a step in the right direction. It's fine for bullet wounds to the chest and legs. But it's not realistic for the head or for the other, heavier armaments in the game. A grenade exploding in a bunker would not leave 3 perfectly formed dead bodies. It's just the truth.

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I agree with this. The only thing that would need to be reworked would be the revive system. As some players could not be revived, nor would they be useful on the battlefield with missing limbs if they lived. So you could only be shot and survive.

Agreed but i cant imagine this level of detail implemented even in final release. They already have huge work to do. Voted up anyway, of course.

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This is covered by #3002.