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Squadmates with stealth ROE will fire at will on enemies using unsuppressed weaponry
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Squad mates with ROE set to stealth will fire at will on enemies with unsuppressed weaponry unless explicitly told to hold fire. While it would be understandable if suppressed weaponry were used, the idea of opening fire at will on an enemy 200 meters away with an unsuppressed weapon while on stealth ROE seems counter-intuitive, and the exact opposite of stealth.


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AI Issues
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Go in to a mission with AI squad mates and unsuppressed weaponry.
  2. Set ROE to stealth
  3. Come in to visual range of enemy
  4. Facepalm

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Maybe have them only return fire when fired upon?

ROE should be always Inherent right to Self Defence. You may always fire if fired upon.

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