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More ground textures possibility
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Add ability for map makers to use more than maximum four ground textures on grid (A2 Engine limitation) to allow greater details in their projects.

Right now im about to work on pacific volcano island and I think that lack of variety in ground textures unable me to bring my project on another level.
ArmA 3 "close-up" ground textures looks amazing but we need more classes - more variety to the ground surface.

For example what ground textures I would like to use for my own project:
-snow (ontop volcanic mountain)
-volcanic basalt
-mosses and lichens
-et cetera

Remember there still could be different classes for grass, rocks...

I know that there is engine limitation but if possible it should be worked out.


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"ArmA 3 "close-up" ground textures looks amazing "
excuse me, but where do the ground textures look amazing? they are low resolution and look flat.

Flat ground textures? Well then maybe you mean ground tesselation not the textures itself? I would recommend making a ticket on this.

concerning ground texture resolution, i made a ticket for it here:

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