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AI Spotting is Not Affected by Camoflague
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AI can spot enemies too easy without any assistance of binoculars or zoom-optics, even at far distances, camouflage and foliage do not affect their ability to spot targets.

My suggestions are to make the AI less like robots and behave more like human beings.

Add a Field of Vision Cone for each AI. If you are in close proximity to them, they will spot you quickly. If you are further away from them, it will take them longer for them to determine you are a threat.

AI should use their own binoculars or zoom-optics if they suspect threat is present in their field of vision but at far ranges where the normal eye has a hard time figuring out if it is what they think it is.


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Steps To Reproduce

Find enemies at a very far distance, hide in foliage, stay firm. Wait for them to turn in your direction.

Notice how you are instantly spotted and your camouflage is useless.

Additional Information

There are more reasons other than it is realistic, for having the AI actually use their binoculars and zoom-optics to confirm their targets.

If I was part of one element over-watching another, I had my binoculars on the enemy who is at a extreme distance. My friends in the other element move down the ridge we are on. While watching the enemy, I notice they start reacting suspiciously in the direction of the moving element. I could warn my friends to, "Get down!" There would be a given window of a few seconds it takes for the AI to decide to equip their own binoculars or zoom-optics. This would feel more immersive than the current design.

And realistically as human beings, sometimes we make mistakes of disregarding something in our vision as not being important and continue our business. If the player is wearing camouflage, (Which almost all soldiers in Arma 3 do) positioned in a environment where his camouflage is best suited, and within foliage to assist. He should be able to deceive enemies into thinking he is part of the landscape.

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This suggestion can be improved with more animations displaying the AI's actions and thinking.

Good suggestion!

I think making the AI use binoculars etc may be a bit complicated to add at this point. But the AI should definetly be less good at spotting people at long ranges, even when fired upon. This will make gameplay much better and also lead to situations where two AI teams almost stumble upon eachother in the forest instead of spotting eachother at 100m!

Its interesting to note that if you have an AI in your squad he will almost always spot every enemy for you long before you are able to see them yourself, almost like a "see through forests" cheat. Its better that they are a bit to bad at spotting than a bit to good imo

The AI`s ability to actually hit targets at long ranges is good as it is now I think, but the "eagle eye" AI needs to be removed. This will also make people less frustrated when playing. To counter this the AI should be faster at reacting to enemies when at close range (In the current build the AI will take its time to slowly aim at you even if you are right in front of them, they should just sprayfire instead)

Ya I can't beat the game without my AI on Elite difficulty. The enemy spots me way too fast, and their reaction to firing is so fast. I can spot them pretty good as well. But if I am not in immediate cover. They light me up in a second or last, no matter what range. The enemy is always alerted no matter how much concealment you try.

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