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IR Laser bloom/dissipation request - enhancement of general Laser behaviour
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EDIT: new Situation, today's dev patch made lasers have much bigger range.
However, they still behave as if using perfect optics in a vacuum. (21.08.2013, 13:30)

SITUATION: Currently, IR Laser pointers for Rifles have a finite distance to which they reach. At that distance, the laser beam cuts off apruptly. This is consistent with the behaviour of IR lasers in OA.

This is okay for general purpose use, where the laser is employed as an aiming aid in CQB. However, for specialty use, the laser becomes useless in this purpose.

EXPECTED BEHAVIOUR: Laser beams are not sticks that remain at a fixed thickness and strength along their beam path. They are not fully opaque, and their visibility in the Air is dependent on the density of intermediate medium. In a vacuum, the IR beam would not be visible in the air at all.

Optics are subject to internal reflection and dispersion, no lens is perfect, furthermore, the atmosphere along the beam path scatters the beam, resulting in blooming. This means, the further the beam gets away from the source, the larger the beam gets in diameter, and the weaker it becomes. The actual intensity of a beam at the target is subject to complex mathematics, however I believe seeing as Lasers are a massively important part of combat in this day and age, it is worth at least integrating an approximation for all laser devices (incl. weapons) in the game.

I have retrieved some formulae from atomic rockets that may be of use.

FEATURE REQUEST in bullet points:

-Beam Dispersion
-Beam Dissipation
-Spot Size bloom
-Weather effects on Laser devices

Not for Arma 3 final, but possibly as a feature for future expansion. At least basic functionality of beam dissipation should at least be implemented to stop the ugly "lasers are sticks" effect we currently have. {F19633} {F19634} {F19635} {F19636}


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Laser beam Dispersion equation:

θ = 1.22 L/RL


θ = beam divergence angle (radians)
L = wavelength of laser beam (m, see table here:
RL = radius of laser lens or reflector (m)

These equations at projectrho also allow for realistic calculations for future military weapons, incl. Laser Cannon, Rail Guns as well as other, more far-future weapons.

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this is important and should be improved!

Another issue with lasers (not graphics-related, though): AI don't react to lasers!

Most importantly we also need a glow, where the laser hits!

Hello Instagoat,
english is not my first language, so i can't understand if your ticket covers the "glowing", where laser hits an object or ground (see picture "painting_target.jpg"). I upvoted anyway, but i think this glow is very important for jtac/fac and i would make another ticket, if this is not covered here.
Thank you!
Have a nice day:)

The ir laser now in game is similar to a "rigid white rope".

In real life it is a light beam more or less intense.

Please, modify the ir laser in game and make it more realistic, using the new light system.