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Selectable Hellfire attack mode.
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As I was playing ARMA 2:OA and have noticed that it is hard to utilize the Hellfire correctly. Newer variants of the Hellfire allow for two modes of fire. One is a direct impact from point of fire (or something similar). The other is one that fire and climbs up to altitude and hits the target from the top. One reason, most armored vehicles have the least amount of armor on the top. Apaches, Cobras, and other attack helicopters use cover to attack from behind. I have found it hard to hide behind cover and shoot hellfires on targets. The ability to use the ULB, UAV, Kiowas Warriors(if you add them to the arsenal), or FACs to laser designate targets and fire them from behind cover should be looked at. Being able to fire hellfires directly into targets is essential. If a target is under a bridge a top down attack might fail. Being able to have a top down attack is essential too. It allows the attack helicopters to stay behind cover and fire missiles over the ground or objects in the way and impact targets.


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Well, first they have to add more attack choppers with actual hellfire missiles.

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ACE 2 mod for Arma 2 OA use the perfect system :

the hellfires are available in two main versions :

AGM-114K (laser guided)

this version use two attack modes :

  1. LOBL : (Lock On Before launch) used when the helicopter gunner keep lasering the target until impact. (Top attack trajectory)
  1. LOAL : (Lock-on after launch) the Hellfire is programmed to be used in part with a JTAC unit using Soflam, or with another helicopter using his laser (The hellfire and the external laser designator (Soflam or helicopter) use a pre-selected identical laser code.

LOAL trajectories variations :

LOAL-DIR : the missile use a flat trajectory.

LOAL-LO : the hellfire get a slight altitude, and dive on target.

LOAL-HI : the hellfire use a high altitude trajectory (600m above launch point), allowing to pass over hills, then dive on target at the last moment. this trajectory mode allow for NLOS (Non Line Of Sight) attack, where the JTAC unit can be at one side of a hill lasering a target and while the launching aircraft (helicopter) stay covered behind the other side of the hill.

AGM-114L (Longbow) : having two attack mode

  1. Fire and forget mode (radar guided) : the gunner can lock-on the hellfire (by using standard tab-lock) and the missile is fired in Fire and forget mode (top attack).
  1. Inertial Guidance : GPS coordinates of the target can be selected (by clicking on the map position)

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Yes, I agree totally haha. One thing I have found in the other ARMA series games, there is no direct linking of aircraft to personnel. If you have aircraft loitering in an area, a JTAC or anyone requesting air support should have access to the aircraft's weapons. If you are calling in CAS, you would know what aircraft are in the AO that you have access to, their loadouts, and you can directly call in support with that. If you'd like an A-10 30mm gun run in an area, you could call it directly. If you have some Apaches, you could designate targets with a SOFLAM and have the Apaches fire missiles from behind cover.

The other thing that should happen, is that we should have good access to laser markers from other aircraft and personnel. If you were piloting an aircraft/helicopter and were called for CAS, you should be able to utilize the laser markers for targeting. If a UAV was loitering, the Apaches or other aircraft should be able to use its laser marker to designate targets. Also it would be interesting to see if aircraft or helicopters could tap into the video feeds of UAVs. the ULB is interesting, but having to control it and laser mark targets with it gets complicated fast. Having a loitering UAV marking targets could be easier, and allow for pilot target designation from that platform.

I am just thinking out loud. Just some small things that would add to the realism.

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