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Request for proper Working Anti materiels rifle - NOT just another sniper rifle
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Hello DEV's

this is just a proposal & request . that "IF" the Barret M82-A3 or the other variant the M107

Do get considered to be added .. could they please work as Proper anti materiels weapons and not simply just another sniper rifle ...

as something like the cheytac and many other's fill that particular area very well.

the ofp & arma games series has Never had a designated anti materiels rifle before that was effective for it's designed purpose ..

sure it works as a sniper rifle ... they all do ...but it should be effective on light armour like APC's and anything else below that level...such as trucks and cars aswell as other features like reinforced defensive positions ..that later depending on the level of fortification..

this would add a whole new dimension to the game. rather than the old style of play = wasting assets like AT missiles and rpg's on light armour & trucks ect, only to find you needed those for Tanks and other Heavily armoured items.
Especially if they show up later in mission.

for your consideration,

Kindest regards


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? Perhaps all that is needed is a tweak of the .50 bmg rounds to allow penetration of truck engines and other light armour ?

perhaps it is likely that a whole new Ammo is needed so as not to interfere with existing ammo ?

anyway it is just a proposal & request IF such does get series consideration for addition into the game

All the best :)

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