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One server breaks my game completely
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Whenever I'm trying to connect to my clans server, it literally breaks all my mods and my game, none of my mods are functioning as they should. I get stuck in the ground and can't move. I cannot play on the server since I always have issues on it.

If I join in early I manage to connect but nothing is working, I can't move around because my character is stuck, and all my mods are broken.

If I join in late I'm stuck on receiving info, if I manage to connect I'm stuck on the map screen.

I can only select class and role and if I try to join in to the game when it's creating I can't see the mission select my screen is literally blank.


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Steps To Reproduce

connect to clan server
select role
receiving info/stuck on map screen when continue has been pressed
character stuck/unable to play
unable to reconnect

Additional Information

problem has been there since v. 56, 4 weeks ago I could play just about fine without issues

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Never mind got it fixed by using a vpn that changes my ip

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