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AI get stuck on obstacle (cover points?) tree 58247
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In the new dev build, I had a marksman get stuck on a tree (58247) apparently in a shooting position resting his rifle against the tree. There were other AI also operating in the same area when he got stuck. It was a waypoint he'd self=pathed himself onto while under fire, not one I ordered him towards. Once the area was clear, multiple orders to move off that point were not successful. I was able to team switch and move him off myself- BUT then he always walked right back to that spot despite being ordered away and then refused to move.


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It seems to involve AI initiated waypoint/coverpoints while under fire, so I've not been able to reproduce that exact same combat situation/result so far.

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I had a similar, though less severe problem with an AI waypoint on one of the bridges as well- with two AI walking in circles around the AI self-designated waypoint while under fire, no matter what orders they were given. So I'm thinking rather than a problem with tree 58247 this could be an issue with the under-fire AI self-pathing/cover seeking ability. But that's just a guess.

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I've had something similar happen to me once. I was getting into an MH-9 and ordered my squad to do the same. They acknowledged my request but they just started crouching and standing up again over and over, like they were trying to hump the ground. I told them to regroup and then told them to get in the heli again, but they just did the same thing. I then got out of the heli, and when I did, the AI ran over to it and got in. The AI was, however, not under fire, and I ordered them to get in the heli, so it may be a completely different issue.

Yeah it may well be a more global issue with AI waypoint handling, what was really odd (and that I'd not seen yet in the other errors) was that after I team switched and moved the unit off that waypoint and then switched back to my team leader, he walked right back to the obstacle and refused to move again. At which point I shot him... to uh.. see if he could take damage? Yeah, that's it. :-)

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