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Speed of sound simulation is missing for createSoundSource[]
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You can hear the sound source created with createSoundSource[] immediately no matter your distance to the sound source position. {F19610}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Download and launch the test mission.
  2. You will be on the runway facing a toilet box. The hint will tell you the distance to the toilet box.
  3. Use the action menu to activate the alarm sound - you will see there is no delay whatsoever (it should be at least 1 second delay for that distance).
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I realize that you could just do the simulation yourself using "sleep" command based on player distance - but that would only work in singleplayer..

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A simple repro mission would be very helpful. :)

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@MadDogX: Attached a test mission (also, see the steps to reproduce and how to use the mission).

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