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Evasive roll while zoomed allows you to keep situational awareness
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When doing an evasive roll (Q or E by default), your point of view will roll along, making it hard to see what is going on. However if you zoom your view and do a roll, your point of view will remain steady while rolling.

Zooming with a telescopic sight will have your POV roll along

I have attached a picture mid-roll, where you can see my gun rolling while my point of view is steady {F19606}


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Go prone
Roll left and observe how POV rolls along
Zoom in and roll left again, and observe how POV remains steady

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You wouldn't do this in Real-life. Rolling around with your eye to your scope whilst you roll around, it's a good way of gouging your eye out.

Either way it needs to be consistent. Rolling away I'm happy with, but doing it zoomed and shooting as you roll is crazy.

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Could not reproduce, can you give specifics on what gun/sight you were using?

Look at the screenshot :)

I was using the default weapon for a BLUFOR rifleman with the reflector sight, but it seems to happen with all primary weapons, ie. not pistols

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This was fixed recently in the dev builds.