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MH-9/AH-9 slides off of objects
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I landed an MH-9 on a rock near a shore that seemed to be horizontally level at the top, shut down the engine and got out of the helicopter. The chopper started to slowly slide off of the rock towards the at a constant slow speed until it flipped over the edge and exploded in mid air.
I Then tried the same thing with a building, landing the helicopter on the roof of a building with a slightly angled roof and the same thing happened.


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Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Land a helicopter on a building roof or a big rock formation with horizontally level top
  2. Shut down engine
  3. Observe helicopter sliding
Additional Information

I was expecting the helicopter to have more friction in it's legs so that it'd have been able to stay on the rock or building roof.
Also the helicopter seemed to explode too easily, since the drop from the rock or roof is only a few meters. Yes it should probably break, but not explode.

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